Château Le Gay


Château Le Gay

Château Le Gay was the childhood home of historian and artist Léo DROUYN (1816-1896)
“Le Gay, I can never utter this word without remembering every moment of my childhood … ” he said.
In the archives of the property, Léo Drouyn could trace its history back to 1314. ‘At that time, the village was known as Allaris, after the Segneurie d’Anglade.’ At the beginning of the 18th century, the property was owned by Simon de Bousquet whose son in law Pierre Lambert became the sole owner of the estate and its outbuildings. After his death, the house was lived in by his widow, her daughter and husband Claude Drouyn, then the young Léo Drouyn with his mother, sister Marguerite and brother Gabriel.


Presentation :
Château Le Gay, today the headquarters of all the family estates, comprises a vineyard that is well situated over a gravel outcrop particularly well suited for growing vines. The flinty soil contains a wide variety of gravels, with a clay sub-oil, and both the vineyard and its wines are given the utmost care and attention. Planted with a variety of grapes, the wines produced are well renowned and among the best of the region.
Château Le Gay Produces :
– a white wine where the traditionnal Semillon grape is harvested only when fully matured to make this an exceptional dry wine
– a claret wine from red grape varieties, this is a halfway point between red and rose wines. This means it combines the richness of the first with the freshness and fruitiness of the second. It is perfect for sunny days, from aperitif right through to dessert, served cold but not frozen.
– a red wine perfectly balanced and widely enjoyed.

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