Château La Gravelière


Château La Gravelière

The vineyard of Graves de Vayres can trace its roots far into history. It was here that the Romans cultivated the vine. Later, the Albret family, close relations of Henry IV, built a magnificent fortified château. Here they often met with the good king to enjoy their wine.

A rare and traditional wine that is built on iron-rich soil.

Situated on the Vayres plateau opposite the Fronsac vineyards, the gravel soil has given its name to the application.
The subsoil comprises both deep gravel and iron-rich pockets. Château La Gravelière’s terroir allows the grapes to become very ripe and very concentrated, resulting in :
– a white wine featuring a beautiful golden color, this wine bouquet of white fruits offers mineral purity ending with a note lightly toasted.
a classic white wine that is rich and supple, with fruity aromas, perfect with fish or on its own as an aperitif.
A delicate rosé wine full of freshness and fruits.
– a red wine that aligns finesse with structure, and that has a deep robe and perfectly balanced nose.

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