Château Marzy – Grand Enclos de Riffat


Château Marzy-Grand Enclos de Riffat

Chateau Marzy (2)


Owned by several generations of the Maison family, this vineyard covers 8 hectares and is planted among the ancient limits of the Domaine des Templiers.
A historic spot in the 12th century, with its history still written in the terroir, and recreated on today’s label, which is emblazened with a Saint Jacques logo as a lasting remembrance of the pilgrims who seeked refuge with the Hospitallers of Pomerol.
Château Marzy is one of the rare properties that is described as a “Château” on the official maps of the National Geographic Institute. Château Marzy is located on the great plateau of Pomerol, and due in no small part both to i’ts excellent location, and the quality of its cellar equipment, it produces a wine of great class that, like all of Pomerol, marries both power and finesse.
It’s a wine that will improve with age.
With a vineyard that extends along side that of Château Marzy. Grand Enclos de Riffat was born from the union of two small parceks of vines in the village of Riffat, a site in the Middle Ages for the pilgrims of Saint Jacques de Compostelle, who came to seek comfort with the Hospitallers of Pomerol.

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